Compressor Nebulizer NE-C29

Durable, long-lasting and heavy duty performance for efficient respiratory therapy.

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With Omron V.V.T (Virtual Valve Technology) nebulizer kit, for efficient delivery of medication without silicon valve

Heavy duty nebulization - recommended for Professional usage

High nebulization rate ensures optimized treatment duration

Leaves minimal residual medication

Easy to operate and maintain, with easy-to-clean nebulizer kit without silicon valves

Nebulization rate Approx. 0.4ml/min

Aerosol output 0.4ml (2ml,1%NAF)

Aerosol output rate 0.06ml/min (2ml, 1%NaF)

Particle size 3µm MMAD

Medication capacity 7ml

Omron V.V.T. Nebulizer kit

The valves in conventional nebulizers allow exhalation through mouthpiece. User can synchronize breathing with nebulization, hence reducing medication wastage.

However, silicon valves are used in these nebulizers.

Now with Omron's unique technology, Omron nebulizers offer benefits of valve function without silicon valves.

Advantages of no silicon valves:

  • Safe and easy-to-clean nebulizer kit
  • No small parts which can be easily lost and swallowed by young children
  • Meets hygiene standards to avoid infection (autoclavable and ease of disinfection)