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What is a nebulizer?

A device that can convert liquid medicine into aerosol droplets that can be easily inhaled through a mouthpiece or mask. 

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What is a nebulizer used for?

Treat diseases of the upper, middle & lower respiratory tract such as asthma.

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What is most important to consider when choosing a nebulizer?

Select the nebulizer with a suitable particle size and nebulization rate. Particle size depends on the disease you are treating, and nebulization rate determines the treatment time.

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Which type of nebulizer should I use?

Depending on the user profile, the particle size, nebulization rate & noise level are the key considerations.

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What is the difference between compressor nebulizers & mesh nebulizers?

Compressor nebulizers can nebulize almost all drugs & produce motor sound. 

Mesh nebulizers operate silently but it is difficult for them to nebulize some drugs.

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What are the benefits of nebulization?

When nebulized, medication is delivered directly to the respiratory tract, allowing for a high drug concentration & delivery to the target area.

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