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Blood Pressure Monitor HBP-1120

With 5 cuff sizes for a wide range of patient profiles, HBP-1120 is designed for use in professional setting and has been clinically proven to deliver fast and reliable results.



Designed for routine blood pressure measurements on patients. The screen is optimally angled for use on a desk and displays the reading with large numbers to ensure maximum visibility for healthcare professionals.


The compact design lets this device easily fit on any desk.


The device realizes simple and enhanced usability at the same time. Large start/stop button with 2 other buttons for auscultation and power on/off.


The device and cuffs can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol.

Product Features

Dual Measurement Mode

Users can choose from two measurement modes-oscillometric measurement and auscultation method with the latter using stethoscope.

Zero Indicator Function

Provides medical professional with the added assurance on the device's pressure accuracy. The indicator lights when 'zero calibration' is being performed prior to blood pressure measurement. The device displays "OK" sign when it is ready for measurement.

Zero Indicator Function | Omron Healthcare

Motion Stop Function

When body movement is detected, the device stops deflation for 5 seconds.

Irregular Pulse Indicator

Helps identify changes in heart rate, rhythm, or pulse which may be caused by heart disease or other serious health issues. The icon is also displayed when body movement is detected during measurement.

5 cuff sizes available for measurement

The unit can be used on pediatrics of age 3 years and above. 

Cuff sizes available for use on different arm circumference: XL:42-50cm, L:32-42cm, M:22-32cm, S:17-22cm, SS:12-18cm.

Highly Durable

Equipped with a highly durable pump, robust sensor, and uniquely shaped sturdy plastic cuff connector, HBP-1120 is durable enough to survive daily intensive use in hospitals and clinical setting.

Highly Durable Pump | Omron Healthcare

Battery or AC Operation

The device can operate using 4 'AA' batteries or AC power.

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Optional Accessories

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