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Online Warranty Registration

Online Warranty registration is only valid for models purchased through authorised dealer(s) in Singapore. For customers who had registered their warranty with Kingston Medical Supplies, please contact OMRON Healthcare Singapore for OMRON warranty-related enquires. Please call +65 3138 6870 or message us should you encounter difficulties with your online registration. 

For Omron Professional models (HBP-1120, HBP-1320, HEM-907, HBP-9020, MC-522, NE-C900, NE-U780), please email us your purchase receipt, and include serial number information in your email. Our customer service staff will confirm the validity of your warranty. The default warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.


Click to verify if the product is valid for local warranty.

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We are unable to register your warranty.

  • You may have entered an invalid serial number. Please refer here on where you can locate the serial number and try again.
  • OR
  • The product that you are trying to register may not be valid for local warranty. You may have purchased from an unauthorised source which does not qualify for local warranty coverage. Please refer to the Warranty Terms & Conditions  here.
  • OR
  • The serial number of the item starts with ‘2017’ or ‘2018’. Please message us with information on the product model, serial number and image of receipt for confirmation of warranty.

For service options,

  1. Please contact the reseller/ supplier whom you purchase the product from.
  2. You may contact our Customer Service Centre here for support. Please note that service* fees may apply.

For other questions, please reach out to us at 3138 6870 or message us

*Applies to repair, accuracy or compliance check only, for same models that are sold locally. Part cost will be charged separately for item that can be repaired. NOTE: In cases where repair is not possible, there will not be any product replacement.

This product is valid for local warranty. Please continue to fill in the form.

We are unable to register your warranty.

This product is already registered for local warranty.