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Body Composition Monitor HBF-702T

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Best-in-class full body composition monitoring with extensive and segmental analysis. Complete with Bluetooth connectivity and OMRON Connect App.

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Full Body Sensing Technology
Body Weight Measurement | Omron Healthcare
Body Weight
Body Mass Index (BMI) | Omron Healthcare
Body Mass Index (BMI)
Skeletal Muscle Monitoring | Omron Healthcare
Skeletal Muscle
Body Fat Scale | Omron Healthcare
Body Fat
Visceral Fat Monitoring | Omron Healthcare
Visceral Fat
Body Age | Omron Healthcare
Body Age
Resting Metabolism | Omron Healthcare
Resting Metabolism
4 Users Memory with Auto Recognition | Omron Healthcare
4 Users Memory with Auto Recognition for the Users
Segmental Subcutaneous Fat & Skeletal Muscle Percentage
OMRON connect App | Manage your Health Data
OMRON connect App makes it easy to save, track and manage your health data in one place.

Bluetooth Connectivity | Omron Healthcare
Bluetooth® Connectivity

Bluetooth SMART

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OMRON Connect | Sync your Health Data
Get Connected | Omron Healthcare
Access Health Data Anytime | OMRON connect App
Track Health Progress | OMRON connect App

See the list of supported smart devices prior to purchase


Simple to Connect

Easy setup process for automatic data transfer.


Access Anytime

Your latest activity and personal history is always at your fingertips with your health data securely stored on your smartphone.


Clear and Insightful Results

Spot trends and monitor your health over time.


Intuitive Dashboard

View recent measurements on the dashboard and get visual reminders to measure frequently.


Keep Track of Your Health

See how your health has changed over time with clear graphs and charts.

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*BP Diary available in selected countries.


Graph format is correct at time of printing and subject to changes with upgrade of APP

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IntelliWrap™ Cuff
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