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OMRON connect

OMRON connect is an app that enables you to manage your health smarter with OMRON Bluetooth devices.

Why OMRON connect?

Why OMRON connect?

From eliminating manual health data recording to providing you with insightful data, OMRON connect makes managing your health so much easier and better.

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Access anytime, anywhere

Get your latest health data at your fingertips through the intuitive dashboard.

Share this information with your doctor to receive the most appropriate care and advice.

Store and back up your health data securely on OMRON cloud & access it readily across devices.

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Greater insight for better health progress

Health data is displayed in clear & insightful graphs to help you better understand your health trends for more effective progress.

Access your health data anytime

Access your health
data anytime

Get clear and detailed visual insights

Get clear and detailed
visual insights

Track your health progress and trends

Track your health
progress and trends

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App features

BP Diary

Record, manage & track health data easily with BP Diary

Record your lifestyle habits to see the connection between blood pressure & lifestyle changes that you made.

Set your target blood pressure level & colour indicators will let you know whether your target is achieved for each measurement.

Create progress reports instantly that can be shared via email.

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Here are 3 videos to get started:

How to install OMRON connect?

What is OMRON connect?

What can OMRON connect do for you?